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VetZ becomes part of the Heska family

Dear customers and partners!

On November 1, 2021, we decided to become part of the Heska family. We have been working intensively and trustfully with Heska for many years. Many of you have been using Heska's digital X-ray systems for more than a decade - in Europe they are also known as Cuattro and XDR. They are among the leading systems in the world thanks to their outstanding image processing. My brother and I have known Heska's CEO, Kevin S. Wilson, and Heska's management for many years and have worked with our teams over the last few years to create the ideal link between Heska's systems and easyVET/easyIMAGE.

Now a new and exciting chapter begins for VetZ, which is represented even more than before by our current slogan: "Hello Future!". Together with Heska, we want to further digitalize animal health and offer the best and simplest solutions to veterinary practices, veterinary clinics, animal owners and all our partners with improved solutions, but especially with many new ideas and applications. In doing so, the focus will always be on animal health and the satisfaction of our customers and partners.

With Heska, we have found the ideal partner to offer our existing solutions in many new markets. easyVET, easyIMAGE, vetsXL and petsXL will continue to grow, get new features and capabilities faster, and develop beyond Germany and Europe into the most comprehensive all-in-one platform for veterinary medicine and animal health. Always following our age-old guiding principle: work easy!

For us Fraedrich brothers, a new exciting journey begins in the management team of Heska, which we are very much looking forward to. For many years we have been working on the internationalization of our products and services. Our software packages easyVET and easyIMAGE and our web applications vetsXL and petsXL are available in many countries and languages. By merging with Heska we can implement our visions and ideas even better and faster with full energy and our great team.

What does the merger mean to you? EVERYTHING and NOTHING:

It means EVERYTHING because we are convinced that we can make all our products even better through our joint international orientation with many good ideas and new partnerships from other countries and other cultures. It means EVERYTHING because we can implement your wishes and ideas and our visions and projects even faster with a strong, international partner. And it means EVERYTHING because we are and will remain VetZ.

It means NOTHING because nothing will change with regard to how you interact with us. The complete VetZ team will remain your contact for all questions. All contracts, agreements and arrangements will remain unchanged. It means NOTHING because we will continuously develop easyVET, easyIMAGE, vetsXL and petsXL and continue to host them on our own servers and IT systems in Germany and Europe. And it means NOTHING because we are and will remain VetZ.

Join us as we journey together into a digital, veterinary future.

Hello future! Thank you and best regards!

Thomas and Ingo Fraedrich

Heska's official announcement, statements by Kevin S. Wilson, Ingo and Thomas Fraedrich, and other information (for example, forward-looking statements) can be found at the following link: