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Powerful products don’t have to be complicated. We believe that easy, intelligent and innovative products are the best. That’s why we have more than one of them: easyVET, the easiest and most advanced practice management software. easyIMAGE, the most intelligent and powerful image management software. XDR, our powerful digital X-ray systems that have won on several occasions the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. And our innovative platforms and that allow easy digital communication and animal health management for veterinarians, animal owners and companies. All of these are reasons why we are the market leaders with many of our products. Get to know them here.

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Here’s what our clients and partners are saying

Gerard te Lintelo, CertSAS, MVM, MRCVS, Wear Referrals, Veterinary Hospital, Bradbury
“We compared six different veterinary software providers and easyVET/easyIMAGE was the only system which met all the criteria required for a veterinary specialist and emergency hospital.

easyVET and easyIMAGE are seamlessly integrated together and this has much improved the logistics and the efficient running our hospital.

The administration and communication functions (like Appointment Scheduler, Task Manager and Journal) are practical and are used daily to improve communication between our staff and between us and our clients.

easyVET/easyIMAGE is an integral part of the success of our hospital.”
Rob Michael, Thompson House Equine Vets, Standish, UK
“Dear VetZ Team,

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of myself and all the team at Thompson House Equine Vets to thank Frank from support, and the whole VetZ support team, for all their expertise and superb training on easyVET.

When Frank came to Vanguard House to deliver his training, he immediately made the whole team feel at ease. We spent two days with Frank learning the system, and throughout this time he was extremely coherent. Nothing was ever too much trouble, and he certainly made it a great training experience.

Also the ongoing support of the team has been extremely vital in the smooth running of the clinic. Their problem-solving skills have been fantastic, always being extremely logical and consistent in their explanations.

I must also add that VetZ has continually gone above and beyond our expectations. On more than one occasion, they made themselves available in the evening to talk on the phone and discuss a particular problem that needed addressing.”
Dr Nathaniel Harran, AQUIVET, Veterinary Hospital, Eysines
“We have been using easyVET for quite a long time now at Aquivet and it perfectly fits with the needs of a busy referral practice like ours.

It is a complete, intuitive and user-friendly software which comes with functions dedicated to reception, clinical work, diagnostic imaging, laboratory reports, management and finances. As well as being easy to install, it is very stable and the support is quick and efficient when questions arise.

We can only recommend easyVET as your everyday partner to run your clinic.”
Dr Maren Hellige, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation
“All information in just a click!

easyVET is a patient management system that fulfils all requirements. In particular, the integrated DICOM viewer “easyIMAGE” provides all the capabilities needed to view images, including multi-plane reconstructions of CT scans and 3D reconstructions that portray anatomical structures in a way that the animals’ owners can understand. Using the viewer is child’s play thanks to a user-friendly symbol menu. Adding image material, such as images produced by the referring vet, takes nothing more than a few clicks. Imaging-based screening files can be sent via email or saved to a data storage device very quickly.

All information including stall plans, appointment calendars, costs, medications and telephone numbers of small-animal practices are just a click away – allowing you to work effectively in your day-to-day clinical practice.”
Veterinary Hospital EQUI VET SERWIS, Buk
“We use XDR3 and XDR5 systems from VetZ, and we are very happy with these. The image quality is really good, it’s fast and comfortable. It’s a good choice when taking x-rays in a stable, since the machine is compact and uses wireless technology.”
Victoria Johnson and Julien Labruyere, VetCT, Cambridge
“VetZ provide a solution for Veterinary practice management and diagnostic imaging, including a state of the art DICOM image viewer and PACS. The diagnostic imaging features of their software are excellent and amongst the best in the veterinary market. Our collaboration with VetZ has allowed us to create a unique integrated telemedicine service for the benefit of VetZ users.

With only a few mouse clicks within the VetZ interface, an entire case can be seamlessly referred to one of our Diploma-holding specialists for their advice. Radiographic reports are quickly provided within a matter of hours to enable vets to more effectively manage their cases and improve clinical outcome. Our detailed reports with labelled images and treatment recommendations are returned directly into the VetZ interface for easy access.

This new integrated service is intended to support vets dealing with challenging cases by enabling easy access to specialist advice, save time in the busy clinic environment and advance patient care. We are very excited to see the launch of this combined service!”
Jane Barwick-Nesbit, MA VetMB MRCVS, Robson & Prescott, Morpeth
We are a very busy 8 centre mixed general practice with a central hospital, 7 branches and vets out in the field on farm and equine work.

We transferred to easyVET nearly 10 years ago having looked at various veterinary software providers, essentially to see who could deliver a system that linked all our sites (and species) seamlessly as if working in one place. Our clients and staff regularly move between sites, often on the same day, and it was essential that data was instantly accessible irrespective of location. EasyVET has always fulfilled this role. The integration of all client, patient and treatment information makes for streamlined working. The user interface is intuitive, and is reflected in how quickly new employees can use the system. All diagnostics, such as laboratory results, radiography, scans and endoscopy, are immediately integrated with the appropriate patient.

We could not survive without the communication functions (Task Manager, Instant Messaging &
Email/SMS direct from patient records) to maintain contact between both our 85 staff and many clients.

The support staff are always available, both in the UK & Germany (language no issue). They have always been open to our suggestions for improvement, especially from a UK user perspective. The technical support is exemplary. We are also aware that there are many functions that we are still not using to their full potential but the easyVET support team liaise with us to provide further training days

VetZ continually strive to improve their practice management system and every update provides exciting innovations.
Patrick Boyle, Business Manager, Murrell Equine Veterinary Surgery, Danbury/Essex, UK
“Hi VetZ Support Team,

I wanted to put pen to paper to thank you for your support over the past four months.

Since I joined, I have found the magnitude of the task here to be somewhat overwhelming, but, with your help and professionalism, I have gotten a handle on things and am starting to move forward. It is an absolute delight dealing with you. The way you explain things is clear and concise, and I am not left feeling like I am unsure about the situation.

I believe that I have made great strides with Murrell Equine, which is largely thanks to you and the support you give. Please be aware that I could not have gotten to this point without you. I am excited about the coming year and promise that I will not stop pestering you for new reports and continual discussions about the software – and how maybe we can evolve things.

I know that sometimes support staff get the raw end of the stick, which is why it is important that we here recognize your value and importance in what we do.

Many thanks!”