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One look inside one of Rowa´s robots makes it clear why we had to connect easyVET and Rowa.  The use of the latest technology to handle your products in the smallest possible space is impressive and unique in the world of veterinary medicine. Your products are organized perfectly in just a few square meters. Depending on the system (Rowa Smart® or Rowa Vmax®), that results in space savings of up to 67 percent. And the time savings are even greater: Thanks to the optimum connection of Rowa and easyVET, you could save up to 85 percent of the time usually required for product management. Your ordered products are scanned directly when they are stored and the stock information in easyVET, including the batch number and expiry date, is updated immediately.  The required medication is simply entered in the index card, and seconds later it is dispensed at the reception desk. You can spend the time you save with your patients. We take care of your stock control: BD Rowa and easyVET.

HIGHLIGHTS Fast, simple operation When you make an entry in the index card, you can see whether the necessary quantity of the required medication is in stock, and always make the right choice. The medication is automatically dispensed at the reception desk when you save the index card, or at the click of a mouse. Transparent and exact invoicing The intelligent connection to easyVET means the Rowa robot only dispenses products that have been entered in the index card. This automatically ensures that all the dispensed products are invoiced correctly. Secure and traceable store movements Your products can only be accessed via the storage duct of the Rowa automated storage system or the stock control functions in easyVET. Because Rowa and easyVET automatically log access, your store movements are transparent, traceable and secure at all times. Simple, automated ordering easyVET has always made ordering products easy. With Rowa´s robots, this process is now even easier. One click is all it takes to start a new order – once you’ve checked the suggested order you can submit it simply by telephone, fax or directly online. Convenient, rapid receipt of goods Simply scan the delivered products in the storage duct of the Rowa automated storage system. The quantity, batch number and expiry date of each product is automatically recorded and transmitted to easyVET, which compares the data to your order. 6,000 packages in six square meters Rowa robots are available in various widths, heights, and lengths, and with a variety of features. Even the smallest, the Rowa Smart®, allows you to store more than 6,000 packages in just six square meters. There is no upper limit on the number of packages and features.


Dr. Gereon Viefhues, Clinic Manager, Veterinary Clinic Ahlen
“At the Veterinary Clinic for Small Animals in Ahlen, the medication dispensing robot from BD Rowa allows us to automatically organize our in-house veterinary pharmacy, and thereby make our stock control processes more effective and economically efficient. The outstanding connection of the Rowa system to the order management and stock control functions of our practice management program, easyVET, lets us achieve significant improvements in those processes, which are essential for success.

The Rowa system manages significantly more stock but uses less space than a traditional in-house veterinary pharmacy. Using this complete system, the scanning of medication and dietary supplements, the management of batch numbers and expiry dates, the constant monitoring of minimum stocks and maximum store and order quantities, as well as checking and booking of dispensed medication, are almost fully automatic. That makes untraceable stock losses, forgetting to invoice for medication, expired packages and mistakes a thing of the past.

The Rowa system also allows for regular automatic inventories. The dispensing system offers simultaneous printing of the necessary stickers, including the data required by the Medicinal Products Act (Arzneimittelgesetz – AMG), allowing for optimum legal compliance. The waiting time for the owner before receipt of the prescribed medication is reduced to a minimum. Optimized management of our stock control and logistics processes using the Rowa/easyVET system results in increased profit margins and great time savings.”

Fits anywhere
Simple storage
Impressive technology
More time for your patients
Automatic dispensing
Welcoming receptionists

Rowa automated storage systems and easyVET – one click and the dance begins