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Integrated communication for
phone, fax, e-mail and text messaging

The new communication tools in easyVET

Discover a whole new world of possibilities and connect with staff, clients, partners and colleagues the fast and easy way. The new communication tools make easyVET your comprehensive information center. You can make phone calls, write e-mails and send text messages from anywhere in easyVET. Simply move your mouse or click to view our new communication window and see contact details for the selected employee, client, colleague or sales rep. Now all you have to do is click on the symbol next to the telephone number or e-mail address for easyVET to call the number or show you a dialogue window where you can write your e-mail or text message. And just like you would expect your information center to do, every call and everything you write and send in easyVET is automatically stored in the client, colleague or supplier file.

Highlights View contact details simply by moving your mouse Write e-mails and text messages in a single step Call clients, colleagues, supplier and staff from wherever you happen to be Intelligent caller ID that immediately displays the corresponding dashboard Send PDF files of invoices and any other documents Send clients text messages about upcoming appointments and positive outcomes
Save all communication records in easyVET

Accessible from anywhere

See the names of clients, colleagues, supplier or staff? Simply move your mouse over the name to open our new communication window, which shows you all the phone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses for your contact, as well as their desired use and all linked contacts, such as the referring colleague, the animal’s main vet, the trainer or the farrier. Click on the telephone symbol to call the number, on the cell phone symbol to open the text messaging window or on the e-mail icon to write an e-mail. Communication has never been easier. Everything simply works everywhere!

For example, you can call clients directly from the card index to tell them that they can pick up the feed they ordered. Or you can send a text message to a dog owner right from the workstation to let him or her know that the operation was a success. Or you can send a message to a horse owner from on the road to inform the stable that you are running late. Or you can let the supplier know that something was missing from the delivery while you are entering incoming goods into your system. It’s also perfect when you’re working as part of a team. Simply move the mouse over the name of a staff member or colleagues to call him or her or send a short message. 

Communicate more and better – the easy way

In addition to the new communication window, you’ll find a wide range of other great features for easy and modern communication in easyVET. Now you can e-mail a PDF instead of printing or faxing documents. Send billling statements, financial statements, reminders, treatment plans and return referrals without additional programs directly from easyVET. Thanks to the option of using attachments from your computer or network, easyVET is also perfect for your newsletters. The appointment calender is also more communicative: It lets you confirm appointments with your clients by text message and reminds you automatically of any upcoming appointments, vaccinations or other regular activities. We have also prepared everything for, our new network for animal health and communication, coming January 2, 2018.

Always a click ahead

One special highlight is the automated caller ID function. Whenever your phone rings, easyVET searches for the phone number calling you and immediately shows you the client. Just one click is all it takes to access the client’s index card or dashboard, giving you access to all the information you need for your consultation. It works for your clients and all your other contacts.

The new communication tools in easyVET – make phone calls, write e-mails and send text messages from anywhere.