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Winning performance

Faster and easier than everything you know,
with a world of new opportunities, without limits – and for Windows.

Image processing like you’ve never seen before

Our programmers have gone the extra mile for you – and have turned their back on the past. That’s why 64-bit easyIMAGE is completely new. It’s lightning fast, with intelligent multiprocessing and no limits. easyIMAGE is packed with impressive new possibilities and the most powerful, efficient 2D and 3D image processing ever featured in an image management software, so that you can take advantage of modern CT and MRT technologies and comprehensively diagnose your sequences regardless of image size, number of images and resolution faster than lightning. The new 64-bit version of easyIMAGE lets you work without delays and with as many sectional views, reconstructions and projections as you want while creating and generating volume renderings in real time – while viewing all the other images and videos on your screen. Don’t just dream of more performance, get it: with easyIMAGE.

Fascinating new possibilities

We have redefined the way you process CT and MRT sequences in 64-bit easyIMAGE, for easier and faster diagnosis and an even better diagnostic experience. The minute you access a sequence, you’ll notice what has changed: your sectional views are there right away, no matter where you position yourself, thanks to intelligent multiprocessing. You’ll even notice what’s new in our 2D and 3D applications. Orthographic MPRs now appear automatically when you access a CT sequence, and creating further sectional plane levels and projections is a breeze. All you need to do is draw a line or curve. Our new mouse mode is a true stroke of genius: a simple movement of the mouse is all it takes to rotate your sectional views and levels and circle areas that could be of interest in formulating your diagnosis. Just one more click and you’re working in 3D.

Performance without limits

The 64-bit version of easyIMAGE lets you work regardless of the size of your sequences or the volume of your data. Thanks to its state-of-the-art, powerful 64-bit architecture, easyIMAGE is capable of processing CR and MRT sequences of any size. The only limit is the amount of RAM available at your diagnostic workstations. You can even process, reconstruct and render thousands of sectional views lightning fast. Because easyIMAGE generates full 3D volume in the background when you access a page, all 2D and 3D applications are immediately available during diagnosis.

64-bit easyIMAGE – top performance and exciting new possibilities for your CT and MRI sequences