Show them your best side

Put your practice on petsXL!

Now you're where your customers are! Showcase your practice on your own practice profile. Adding all the important info is simple and straightforward. New office hours? Bought a new X-ray machine? Now you offer physiotherapy? Simply update your services and equipment.

You can also introduce the whole team. Add a line about yourself and your staff on petXL, and help your customers feel at home at your practice. It's the platform customers already use to manage every aspect of their animals' healthcare.

Beautifully designed, and presented with love. 

Introduce the team
Feature services
Showcase your technical equipment
Update office hours

More advertising, no added cost.

You have your own petsXL profile. Your customers can find all the information they need without Google or Facebook. Updates are quick and easy, which means you have time for other things, like answering that pile of emails or simply spending more time with patients.

And the best part? It doesn’t cost a cent more because you are already a petsXL partner practice, (right?) so you have everything you need. Just add the practice profile right on top – the icing on the cake, so to speak. Great, isn’t it? We think so too.

Invest your precious time in your on-site clients.

Your practice profile is just a few clicks away.


Set profile picture

Give your practice a face. You're the friendly super team today and tomorrow's insight into your practice. Show them your best side.

Upload pictures of your team

Because everyone in your team is great. Every day, every veterinarian, trainee, and veterinary assistant. Smile!

List your services

Easier than a multiple choice question. We’ve set it all up. You simply click on the services your practice offers.

Select technical equipment

Click, click, and that’s it. Got some new tech? Open, edit, save. Voilà.

Enter your office hours

Your office hours are automatically updated directly on easyVET. Amazing!

Let’s get started!

Your customers will find out everything there is to know about you quickly and easily. Simple. Great.

Just the way you are

Your profile. Your info. Your team. petsXL sets up everything for you, and you customize your profile to your practice. Show your customers what they can expect from you. First impressions always count, both in-person or on the web. If a new customer is looking for a vet in their area, they can find you and get an idea of what your practice is like directly on petsXL. You've got a great team, super equipment, and have made the best impression! Your new customers will walk right in the door. Like magic.